Olive oil for your health

Olive oil is proven to protect your health. In the oil of the Mediterranean fruit, researchers are discovering more and more substances, some of which have overwhelming effects, such as breast cancer. heart disease, diabetes and, more recently, depression and so-called metabolic syndrome.

Less cancer and heart attack thanks to olive oil
In the Mediterranean countries, people are healthier. There are far fewer people suffering from arteriosclerosis and heart attack than in our northern latitudes. Also, the mortality rate due to colon cancer is significantly lower there. Scientific research for the protective factor of these people the olive oil as a main component of the Mediterranean diet on the track.

In countries such as as Greece, Spain and southern Italy, olive oil is the main source of fat. Animals fats, on the other hand, are rarely used. Since there is an undeniable link between the ingestion of animal fats and the risk of dying not only of colon cancer but also of breast, prostate or ovarian cancer, there is clearly an advantage to high-quality vegetable fat sources, in particular of olive oil attacks.