About Us

SOULIS OLIVE OIL is a family business since 1908 with years of experience in producing high quality & of excellent taste, extra virgin olive oil.

The state-of-the-art olive oil production unit, based in Vartholomio, Ilia, combines experience and the know-how for more than 100 years. We produce “Mama’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil” while maintaining the required specifications and the quality standards. “Mama’s” is a special extra virgin olive oil because:

  • 100% natural olive oil processed exclusively mechanically, so as not to lose its rich and noble biological ingredients.
  • It stands out for its fragrance and its full body.
  • It comes from a specific area of ​​Ilia Prefecture very close to Ancient Olympia.
  • Produced in small quantities with rigorous sorting and in compliance with the quality controls and standards.
  • We select olive trees 100 meters above sea level and surrounded by it

Soulis company produces and packs the extra virgin olive oil “Mama’s”, which comes from the variety of Koroneiki olive. The harvest begins before the fruit is matured around mid-October, which is why it achieves a lower degree of acidity, which varies from 0.1 to 0.5 degrees, so it has this intense fruity taste and greenish yellow color.

Therefore, it is extremely virgin and belongs to the category of the best quality. Our olive oil production unit has high productivity and the machines are modern so that the oilve oil does not stay for a long time in the courtyard so it remains fresh and preserves its beneficial properties and its high quality taste.

Savor the true elixir of life from our olive groves in your plate. The traditional way of cultivating and processing olives without chemicals is kept intact, resulting in the exceptional quality of Olive Oil. It is a necessary nutritional supplement to the Mediterranean diet and a source of good health and longevity.

What does extra virgin olive oil mean?

Extra virgin olive oil is a very high quality olive oil: it has no deficiencies whatsoever and is produced exclusively by a mechanical process in which the olives are cold-pressed

What does “cold pressing” mean?

“Cold pressing” means that the temperature of the olive pulp, i. the mass of crushed olives, never exceeds 27 ° C during the kneading process. By the mechanical method of cold pressing, it is possible to contain the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants contained in the olives to conserve as much as possible in the olive oil thus obtained.

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are organic molecules that give olive oil, in addition to its special flavor stability and a range of nutrition and health valuable properties. These molecules are natural antioxidants found in olives as well as in all other plants and slowing down the aging process.